Engineered Solutions

Our Engineered Solutions are tailored to optimize both commercial and residential systems. From designing and sizing wastewater pump systems and lift stations to complete radiant heat packages, our expertise ensures efficiency and reliability. Benefit from our specialized services in boiler system design, domestic hot water heater sizing, and field troubleshooting for seamless operations across all your essential systems.

Engineered solutions

Design and sizing of commercial wastewater pump systems

We specialize in meticulously designing and sizing commercial wastewater pump systems, essential for managing and transporting wastewater in diverse commercial environments. Evaluating factors like flow rates and system configurations, we ensure optimal performance and reliability, aiding businesses in maintaining efficient and compliant wastewater management systems.

Wastewater pump system startups & technical training

For wastewater pump system startups, we ensure smooth operation and optimal performance from the outset. Through tailored technical training, personnel acquire the skills needed to effectively operate and maintain these systems, promoting reliability and efficiency over the long term. Our expertise empowers clients to confidently manage their wastewater pump systems to meet their operational needs.

Lift Station builds

We specialize in constructing lift stations, essential for effective wastewater and sewage management. Our builds are meticulously designed to optimize functionality and reliability, meeting stringent operational requirements.

Complete commercial or residential radiant heat designed packages

We offer complete packages for commercial or residential radiant heat systems, providing comprehensive solutions for efficient heating. Our designs are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each space, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Design & sizing of domestic or hydronic circulating pump systems

Our expertise lies in the meticulous design and sizing of domestic or hydronic circulating pump systems, essential for efficient heating and cooling in residential and commercial spaces. We consider factors such as flow rates and system configurations to ensure optimal performance and minimize resource consumption.

Mixing Valve sizing & field calibration

We specialize in mixing valve sizing and field calibration services, essential for precise temperature control in various applications. Our team ensures accurate sizing and calibration to maintain optimal performance and safety standards.

Boiler system design & sizing

We specialize in designing and sizing boiler systems, covering pumps, boilers, and accessories. Our solutions are tailored to your heating needs, emphasizing efficiency and performance.

Pumps: Our expertise extends to selecting the right pumps for your boiler system, ensuring optimal circulation and distribution of heated water or steam. We consider factors such as flow rates, head requirements, and system dynamics to choose pumps that enhance efficiency and reliability.

Boilers: We specialize in designing boilers that match your heating demands while maximizing energy efficiency and durability. Whether it’s selecting the appropriate boiler type, capacity, or fuel source, our solutions are engineered to deliver consistent and reliable performance tailored to your specific requirements.

Accessories: From valves and controls to expansion tanks and piping, we pay meticulous attention to every accessory in your boiler system. Our focus is on selecting high-quality components that integrate seamlessly with your system, ensuring smooth operation, safety, and longevity. 

Domestic hot water heater system sizing

Our expertise extends to the precise sizing of domestic hot water heater systems, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. We analyze factors such as water usage patterns, heating requirements, and space constraints to recommend the most suitable heater size for your residential or commercial needs.

Domestic booster pump sizing & design

We specialize in the meticulous sizing and design of domestic booster pump systems, tailored to meet your specific water pressure needs. By analyzing factors such as flow rates, building layout, and plumbing infrastructure, we ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Domestic booster pump field startups

We offer domestic booster pump field startups to ensure your water pressure systems run smoothly. Our expert team oversees installation and testing, ensuring reliable performance from the start.

Field troubleshooting

Troubleshooting encompasses the systematic identification and resolution of issues across a range of critical components, including pumps, heaters, boilers, and mixing valve products, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in various systems.

Pumps: Our field troubleshooting services cover all pump products, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. We diagnose and address issues related to flow rates, pressure, and performance, restoring your pump systems to optimal functionality.

Heaters: From domestic hot water heaters to industrial heating systems, our troubleshooting expertise addresses any issues affecting heater performance. We identify and resolve issues such as temperature fluctuations, leaks, and inefficiencies, ensuring consistent and reliable heating.

Boiler: Our field troubleshooting services extend to boilers of all types and sizes, ensuring their smooth operation. We diagnose and resolve issues related to efficiency, pressure, and temperature control, restoring your boiler system’s performance and reliability.

Mixing Valve Product: We specialize in troubleshooting mixing valve products to ensure precise temperature control and optimal performance. Our expert team addresses issues such as temperature inconsistency, leaks, and valve malfunctions, ensuring efficient operation and comfort in your systems.

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